The Council on Holistic Healing and Recovery

is a Texas 501(c)3 non-profit company. The mission of the Council is to provide mental, spiritual and physical healthcare to people suffering from the effects of chemical and process addictions. These include:

Since I began my personal recovery and professional development in this field in 1973, I see treating all addictive disorders as basically the same. The addict or co-dependent is looking for something outside to medicate, push down, the feelings on their insides. My simplistic definition of addiction is ones pathological drive to refuse to be in a healthy, honest, relationship with self or others. Addiction replaces people, places, things and events with an interaction with chemicals or behaviors that lead to life damaging consequences.

I loved it when Stanton Peele said in “The Addicting of America” “the most common form of treatment for addiction is addiction”.

  • Process addictions include (sexual addiction, compulsive spending, pathological gambler, rage, love and relationship addiction, compulsive eating, smoking cessation, workaholism etc.
  • Then there is the traditional addiction to prescription and non-prescription drugs (it is not how often or what one uses it is what happens to them when they do use) that defines addiction
  • The addict's and alcoholics affected family members
  • Bereaved people suffering from death and non-death related losses
  • Survivors of physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, financial, war, terrorism, trauma and abuse

We will refer the substance abuser (prescription and non-prescription drug addict and alcoholic) to appropriate RTC and Inpatient treatment programs in and out of the city.

The holistic approach is affordable, realistic and extremely powerful with no contraindications.